Wednesday, September 21, 2011

demo reel 2011

This is my collection of work as a character rigger and technical artist. Demo reel includes 4 different projects.

1. Call of Juarez "the cartel"
this was a minute long video game trailer in which i worked with a small team of riggers to come up with a way to have one rig that can be used for motion capture and one rig to control fingers and additional animation. the main goal was to only have one rig that blends from both motion capture and animation. I also worked on some cloth dynamics. I used n cloth as well as some additional scripts that would allow the mesh to move like real cloth.

once we had the rigs complete, it was our job to set up the scenes with the rigs referenced. we would integrate the motion capture data onto the rigs and hand them to the animator for additional animation.

2. Intel "walter"

this was a rig i created that was originally a quadruped.
once we realized that the sloth character was going to be standing on 2 feet, i adjusted the rig for that. i added facial features but they were not needed.

3. Shamrock Farms "dairy fairy"
This was a biped rig i rigged, using part of an auto rig. from there i built on top of it. adding wing controls tut controls and facial controls.

4. Nickelodeon's Pet Pet Park
i was a technical artist for 2 years working on pet pet park.
my tasks included working between the programmers and artists. i would take the original artwork for a zone, cut it up in a game engine, from there i would create a grid in which the avatar can walk on.

depending on the artwork the engine allowed me to build ramps that the avatar can walk one. each tile had the opportunity to carry code data. certain characters would have default chat dialogue or would send you to quests.
This worked by adding linkages to xml code.
i would integrate rollover animations, game entities exits and entrances to new zones.

Motion capture rig from juan carlos leon on Vimeo.

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